Suitable for Bharatbenz Truck Clutch Plate 395MM and 430mm
Clutch Plate 395MM and 430mm
Application Clutch Plate 395MM and 430mm
Suitable For BharatBenz Truck
Min. Order Quantity 5 Pieces
Packaging 1 Piece
Price 7534
Description High Quality Clutch Plate 395MM and 430mm available at competitive prices. 395MM Size is generally used in Tippers and rigid trucks where as the 430MM is normally used in Tractor Trailers. Message us for latest Bharat Benz Clutch Plate price.
OEM Number A4002500003 | A4002500103


What is a Clutch Plate? Most cars and trucks with a manual transmission have a clutch Plates consisting of friction disc(s) which is operated using the left-most pedal with the motion transferred to the clutch using hydraulics (master and slave cylinders) or a cable. The clutch Plate is only disengaged at times when the driver is pressing the clutch pedal towards the floor, therefore the default state is for the transmission to be connected to the engine. A "neutral" gear position is provided, so that the clutch pedal can be released with the vehicle remaining stationary.

In addition to standing starts, the clutch is usually required for gear changes. Although the gearbox does not stop rotating during a gear change, there is no torque transmitted through it, thus less friction between gears and their engagement dogs. The output shaft of the gearbox is permanently connected to the final drive, then the wheels, and so both always rotate together, at a fixed speed ratio. With the clutch disengaged, the gearbox input shaft is free to change its speed as the internal ratio is changed. Any resulting difference in speed between the engine and gearbox is evened out as the clutch slips slightly during re-engagement.

The clutch Plate is usually mounted directly to the face of the engine's flywheel, as this already provides a convenient large-diameter steel disk that can act as one driving plate of the clutch. Some racing clutches use small multi-plate disk packs that are not part of the flywheel. Both clutch and flywheel are enclosed in a conical bellhousing for the gearbox. A small number of front-engine, rear-wheel drive cars (such as the Alfa Romeo Alfetta, Porsche 924 and Chevrolet Corvette C5 use a transaxle layout with the transmission located near the rear of the car; in this case the clutch is mounted with the transaxle (therefore the driveshaft rotates continuously with the engine, even when the clutch is disengaged).

Clutch Plate Material

A common friction material is an organic compound resin with a copper wire facing or a ceramic material. Ceramic materials can often transmit higher torque loads, but they can cause increased wear rates of the flywheel. Until the mid 1990s asbestos was also used in clutch plates.

Source : WiKiPEDIA

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